APPG for HSR respond to the National Audit Office report into HS1


The All-Party Parliamentary Group for High Speed Rail responds to the National Audit Office report into HS1

This morning, the National Audit Office released a report into HS1. In response to the report, Graham Stringer, co-chair of the APPG and MP for Blackley and Broughton, said:
“The report raises some key issues with regards to HS1, but we should not put too much weight on it with regards to HS2.
“Casually equating the passenger predictions in 1998 for HS1 with the case for HS2 over a decade later is completely disingenuous. The two projects are like apples and pears. For instance there is more benefit to freight with HS2 than was the case with HS1, and their passenger forecasts are based on different models.
“What is important is to learn the lessons of HS1 and to make sure that the passenger demand forecasts for HS2 are robust. For this reason, the APPG is currently in the middle of an inquiry into Britain’s rail capacity where we will be looking into this in more detail. We will be reporting our findings in the summer.”


1. The All-Party Parliamentary Group for High Speed Rail is a cross-party group of MPs who believe that Britain needs a modern high-speed rail network. 
2. The APPG has launched an inquiry to establish the future capacity requirements of Britain’s railway infrastructure and to consider the most appropriate means of addressing these requirements in order to deliver an efficient railway infrastructure that can best meet the needs of Britain in the 21st century. For more details about the inquiry, please visit the APPG's website at For the inquiry's terms of reference click here
3. For media inquiries, please call Lucy on 020 3397 2416 or email


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